Our inn is the member of the "Nice Hotels in
Hokkaido-group", and was selected as one of the
most popular inn in the group many times.

On the shore of Lake Akan, a good location for
the sightseeing, valuable spa, and hand-made
food would be the reason why our inn is popular.
Here is the guide of Inn Yamaguchi.
Please take a look.

Taro-chan of the mynah is the first one that
greets you at the entrance.
Versatile entertainer Taro-chan had appeared
on the radio. He talks a lot!
Come and enjoy his various talks!

It is alkaline-spring, and makes your skin smooth.
It is called "the spring of the belle".

The bathroom is not so big
but the volume of water is rich.
Water flows out, not being circulated.

The water quality is Saltine Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Spring.
It is good for frozen-shoulder and diabetes.
There are habitue visitors for a hot spring cure.
Come and visit to ascertain its high quality by all means!
* The day trip bathing is not available *


Please have a delightful time to talk about
the remembrance of the travel, the next
destination and so on with the landlady and
other guests.
There is coffee and so on anytime.

<Guest Room>

<Inn Data>

* Guest Room / 10 Japanese-style rooms
* Capacity / 35 people
* Charge / 1 night stay with 2 meals: 6,100 yen
@@@@@@@(tax and hot spring tax included)
*Hot spring tax is 150 yen
* Traffic / From JR Kushiro Station: 1 hour and a half by car.
From Kushiro airport: 1 hour by car (take national road #240).

Please come to Spa Inn Yamaguchi, Lake Akan.

TEL0154-67-2555 (in Japan)