Hot Spring
Kussharo Hot Spring "MORI no YU"

We are the only hot-bath resort in the area.
100% natural hot spring water always overflows.

The nature of the water is the Saltine Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Spring
(alkaline base).

There is a reserved outdoor hot spring bath (free of charge).

** The new outdoor hot spring bath was complete**

Enjoy forest-bathing and a hot spring bath in white birch forest!

The dressing room was made of a big cask!!

I made a bathtub from a cask of a diameter of 2 meters.
And I made another cask into a dressing room.
The outdoor bath in the forest is sooooo comfortable!!

I buried gravel one by one for the foundation.
And I processed the cask by myself.
When the bathtub was completed and I was bathed for the first time,
the scenery of the neighborhood looked different!

There is a lift in the bathroom.

The hot spring bath is in the annex.
There is a men's bath and women's bath.
After bathing, your skin will become moistened and smooth.
An alkaline spring is called the water of beauty.
It is also good for drinking.

@It is effective for neuralgia, arthralgia, stiff shoulder, exercise paralysis, stiff joint, hemorrhoids, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive organ disease, chronic dermatopathia, poor circulation, a muscular pain, fatigue recovery and so on.

An effect for drinking;
Chronic digestive organ disease, diabetes, gout and a liver disease

We have equipment for handicapped people.
Please feel free to ask for it.

There are guests from the distance and habitue guests, because the quality of the water of a hot spring is rare.
Please try our hot spring once by all means.

Lake side Inn
Gasthof Papilio

Sunayu, Kussharo-kohan, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun,Hokkaido 088-3351