Taking a walk in the forest by the lakec
Looking for birds with a pair of binoculars in your handc
Dig sand at sand hot spring and enjoy hot spring bathing.
Spend your holiday in your own way at Lake Kussharo.

For those who want to try a canoeing, we have 2 Canadian canoes. (Our guests are free of charge.)

Lake Kussharo is the source of Kushiro River.
Please enjoy canoeing on the lake.
If you would like to try a full-scale canoeing, ask for it.
We introduce a canoeing school to you.

Hot spring tour around the lake

There are other outdoor hot springs around the lake; such as Suna-yu (sand hot spring), Ike-no-yu, Kotan-no-yu, Wakoto Onsen.
They are free of charge! Within 15 minutes by car.

Ainu Minzoku Shiryokan
(Ainu Museum)

Indigenous people of Hokkaido, Ainu people had lived around the lake since Jomon period. At Kussharo Kotan Ainu Museum, you will learn about Ainu and their history. 5 minutes by car. Adult: 400 yen

Nonohana Oshibana Bijutsukan
(Art museum of pressed flower)

From spring to fall, wild flowers bloom in a vast site at the entrance of Wakoto peninsula. About 150 pressed-flower are exhibited. You can try pressed flower here. 15 minutes by car.
Entrance fee: 800 yen (adult), 600 yen (schoolchild and under)
Open: 9:00 - 17:00 (everyday from May to October)
Closes on Wednesdays (Nov.-April) and New Year's

Eco Museum Center
(at Kawayu hot spring town)

You will know about the nature of Ioh-zan (sulfur mountain), Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo there. There are a lot of photographs, video, computer materials and books. 10 minutes by car.
* Great spotted woodpecker's passage (2 Km)
There is a tour route in the forest behind Eco Museum Center.
It takes about 60 minutes. You may come across Great spotted woodpecker.

Trekking and walking

* Mt. Pompon Trekking
"Pompon" means the gushing point of hot spring in Ainu language.
There are a lot of pompons in Mt. Pompon.
The passage continues from Nibushi Spa to Mt. Pompon. It takes about 50 minutes to the mountain on foot. The crickets are singing even in winter on Mt. Pompon. 5 minutes by car to the entrance of the passage.

* Tsutsuji-ga-hara Walking
The foot of Ioh-zan, Tsutsuji-ga-hara is full of marsh-tea in the spring. There is a one-hour-guided tour from Kawayu Hot Spring town to Ioh-zan; from July 10 to September 10. The tour is in the early morning, before breakfast. 10 minutes by car.

* Horseback Riding Trekking
There is a "Horseback Riding Trekking to Lake Mashu" from Kawayu Hot Spring. It is possible for a beginner. It is about 4 hours of round-trip and the practice for a beginner is included. 20 minutes by car to the horse riding ground.
Trekking to Lake Mashu: 20,000 yen / a horse
Horseback riding experience A course (2 Km): 2,000 yen

Kawayu Sumo Kinenkan (Kawayu Sumo Museum)

A famous Yokozuna (grand champion sumo wrestler) "Taihou" was born in Kawayu Hot Spring town. Kawayu Sumo Museum was built to praise his achievement. Emperor's Cup, diploma, sash, sword and so on are exhibited. 10 minutes by car.

Lake Mashu

Mysterious Lake Mashu is famous for its fog. You might see the surface of the lake or you might not. It depends on the fog condition.
The lake shows a lot of different faces according to the season, the weather and time. See the impressive and mysterious Lake Mashu. 30 minutes by car.

Lake side Inn
Gasthof Papilio

Sunayu, Kussharo-kohan, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun,Hokkaido 088-3351