The beauty of nature fills the forest of Lake Kussharo

Different looks of trees in the season
Pretty alpine plant in the forest

Flowers in June to July

Rhododendron Brachycarpum (7/31)

Monotropastrum Humile(7/31)

Lilium Medeoloides (7/31)

Potato field (7/17)

The flower of potato (7/17)

Lilium Pensylvanicum (7/17)

Cremastra Appendiculata

Tulotis Fuscescens

Paeonia Obovata

Flowers in May

Trillium Tschonoskii

Japanese Spurge

Chloranthus Japonicus

Ostrich fern

Prunus Sargentil

Asian Skunk Cabbage

Corydalis Ambigua

These are flowers you will see around Gasthof Papilio.

Photographed by Takashi Isogai

Lake side Inn
Gasthof Papilio

Sunayu, Kussharo-kohan, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun,Hokkaido 088-3351