One of the world's three most famous night views!

< Night view from Mt. Hakodate >
You can go to the top of Mt. Hakodate by ropeway.
Sightseeing bus and taxi depart from Hakodate station to the mountaintop.
During summer, private cars are prohibited at night.

Daytime view is also fantastic!
You must see it during daytime.

JR Hakodate Station

A harbor sightseeing boat
Hakodate station is a 5-minutes walk from our pension.
There is a stone monument of the starting point of national road.
The first national road of Hokkaido started here.
We present a postcard of commemoration to our guests.
A sightseeing boat plies in Hakodate Harbor.
Take a look at the port town Hakodate from sea.

Hakodate Morning Fair

The Jiyu Market

The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward
Famous Hakodate Morning Fair locates right next to JR Hakodate station.
Fresh marine products, dry foods, fresh farm products from nearby farms and Hokkaido's popular souvenirs are sold.
Another good place to look for souvenirs is Jiyu Market.
It had been a marketplace for people of Hakodate for a long time.
You can enjoy shopping in a peaceful atmosphere with people of everyday life.
Typical Western-style building built in Meiji period.
It is a national important cultural property.
The Taisho Emperor had lodged. Elegant furnishings and interior decoration are worth seeing.
View of Hakodate harbor from the second-floor balcony is wonderful.
It is the central of Moto-machi sightseeing.

Goryokaku Tower


Hakodate Museum of Art, Hokkaido
It was rebuilt in April 2006. The observatory is at 90 meters above the ground and you can see star shape of Goryokaku clearly.
Distant view of Mt. Hakodate and the scenery of whole town are glorious.
There used be a castle here.
You can see star-shaped Goryokaku that has a Western influence from the tower.
It locates next to Goryokaku Tower.
Art of Hakodate and southern Hokkaido are exhibited.
There is a memorial room of an authority on penmanship, the late Outei Kaneko, who was from Matsumae-cho. His works are worth seeing.

Kahei Takadaya Museum

Kanemori Warehouses

Mr. Saburo Kitajima Memorial Museum
Fisherman from Awaji, Kahei Takadaya contributed to the development of Hakodate.
He ran shipping industry, pelagic fishery and dockyard in Hakodate.
He rendered services to the prosperity of north-sea fisheries.
A lot of material on him are kept and displayed.
Red Brick Warehouses and shops stand in a line in waterfront area.
Warehouses built in Meiji period are now filled with shops such as restaurants, clothing stores, beer hall and antique shops.
A famous enka singer Saburo Kitajima was born in Shiriuchi-cho, southern Hokkaido.
He graduated from high school in Hakodate.
His memorial museum is in Suehiro-cho and you can see his footmarks and activities.
A videotape of you singing with him would be a good souvenir.

Pension Puppy Tail, Hakodate
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