Craft-making in Resort Pension YAMANOUE Let's Try!

šStone-drawing Art š
Anyone can make your own stone-drawing art!

This is one of the drawings of some flowers, animals, birds, and words on the stones.

First, choose your favorite words or things, and then draw them with paints on the stones from riverbanks.

It becomes a great souvenir and a good memory of the travel with your family members.

Putting in a flame, it could be the only one handmade present in the world!

šPicture letter and Pseudonym stamp making š

We have various sizes of stamp materials for everyone.

Just carve your name and/or your favorite things, and so on.

Imagine that receiving a picture post card from your friends who are on a trip. It's really nice!
If it is a handmade picture card, it would be more delightful!

Here's your original signature stamp!

We have all you need to make this.
All you have to do is just carving!
It's going to be your signature stamp.
It's fun to use for your own staffs, such as your letters, cards, and more.

š Acorn Pushpin Making š

Lovely pushpins!
It's simple and easy to make.

Remove their caps.

Cut the half, and then gouge out the filling.

Then, push out a pushpin with glue from the inside of acorn to the outside,
Re-cover up with the removed caps on the acorn.
Ta-da! It's done.

Have you ever seen such adorable pushpins?
For holding on your favorite photographs and postcards
Although these are small souvenirs, you will have a lot of memory.

š Coloring Postcard š

Animals such as birds, bears and deer

We have simple patterns of wild flowers and alpine plants as well.

Choose one and give color to your favorite design, which is the motif of Sounkyo.

Then, cut out and pastes it on a postcard.
Even children who are not good at drawing can enjoy
How about you?

Please inform us if you desire to do one of them when you make a reservation.
The free (the cost of materials) is
500 yen of each.

š Stone Implement Making š
Would you make a stone implement replica that ancient people were using?

In Hokkaido, there are some remains of the evidences of living of ancient people.
The ancient people were good hand at making tools in order to make various tools for cutting, scraping, and digging.
The stone implements are very sharp.
They might be sharper than modern knives.
As a matter of fact, the process of making stone implements is really simple.
You can make a stone implement replica for 30 to 40 minutes.

The descriptions of stone implements (stone-knife, stone- ax, and stone-spear) were as followings:
Stone hammer (koseki): tool for cooking
Stone weight (sekisui): weight for fishing net
Carving tool: tool for scarring trees and bones
Flake tool: knives which made of stone flake

Before get started, have protection, such as protective glasses, cotton work gloves, and an apron.

You will learn how much presser and angle you should put on the stone.
Add a final touch

Look! They fell into it!
It had been past 30-40 minutes since they started.
"Wow, this is so much fun!"

It's done!

With a little effort, you can make a usable paper knife.
Why don't you try it?

Stone implement-making can be done at home

Stone Implement-Making Kit (Shipping available)

Stone implement-making Kit, Including shipping & Handling 7,000 yen
(in japan)

Obsidian (Tokachi stone) Fist-sized rock

Crack stones (Crack a rude ore)

Hammer stone (strike stones)

Buckhorn tip (for the fine-tune finish)

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