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Nature, Animals, and Wild birds of Daisetsuzan (Picture taking spots)

Lots of wild living beings live in Daisetsuzan where valuable nature becomes lively.
Would you visit and meet the great nature and the wild living beings in
Daisetsuzan that we want to keep it in the future?
Daisetsuzan to World Heritage!

-@Seeing stunning scenery,wild animals,and nature in the North with your own eyes!@-

Invitation to the photography of stunning scenery in Daisetsuzan

< in Kuro-dake: taken in the end of August >

Firsthand information of Daisetsuzan National Park collected during the on season by the guides
of Sounkyo Visitor Center

Sounkyo Rope way
HP of Rinyu Sightseeing,provides the further information of Kuro-dake and Sounkyo Ropeway's operation

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