Meal Information

Our meals' ingredients are mostly come from local-grown vegetables such as asparagus, potatoes, pumpkins, corns, sweet potatoes, and so on.
They are also the wild vegetables, freshwater fish, such as crude White-spotted Char, Rainbow Trout, and Mountain Trout.
The nature of Daisetsuzan, where is received the blessing of the earth, gives us wonderful cuisine in Hokkaido.

Original Dinner

Fresh vegetables of a local product

Special order menu of crude white-spotted char is available upon your request!

River fishes that fishing angler's owner caught are all natural-grown in the thaw water of Daisetsuzan!

The river fishes have a good reputation, which are very delicious without smelling fishy.
We have rare bone-soaked liquor of mountain trout!
1 bottle----1,500 yen
2 bottles---2,500 yen

The owner, Mr. Takahashi, has collected more than 30 kinds of wind fruits, which he has preserved them as various fruit wines!

The wild fruits are pyrus serotina, apple, Balloon Flower, Chinese gooseberry (Kiwi fruit), mountain grapevines.
Believe it or not, "All You Can Drink Service" is available for our guests!
The secret recipe of wild fruits wines can be taught by the owner who demonstrated it on TV. Feel free to ask it.

Menu of the second night dinner
for the guests who stay more than two nights
We offer the service for the squally stayed guests.
The second night' dinner would be at an Authentic Italian restaurant of the Canyon Mall.
Please enjoy the dinner!
The appetizer is an assorted plate of Roast Venison, Carpaccio of Rainbow Trout, Escabesche style of Yamame (Land locked Salmon).
The main dish is mustard flavor Grilled Chicken.

This is our showing application to the guests who stay more than two nights in one stretch in our pension.
Please take advantage of it!

Two nights stay w/ four meals
18,900 yen!!

For the guests who stay only one night and want to have the Authentic Italian dinner, the room charge is 11,000 yen or 13.000 yen.
Please ask us about it.

œRoom charges including two meals

One night w/ breakfast & dinner: 9,450 yen - 13,000 yen (including tax per person)
*The room charge is varied depending on the dinner menu.
w/ Original Dinner:
9,450 yen
w/ Italian Dinner:
11,000 yen
* Offer a grade-up menu dinner service for the guests who stay more than two nights of the original Dinner plan ; Your room charge of second night is the same price of
9,850 yen, but you will have the Italian dinner instead of the original dinner.

w/ Special Italian Dinner: 13,000 yen
(cooked by an excellent Italian cuisine chef)

Italian Dinner B course

A grill of a rainbow trout

cacciatora of a Chicken

Dessert of todayiI change every dayj

One night stay w/ two meals
11,000 yen

Italian Dinner C course

Appetizer assorted plates

Daisetsu Plateau Beef saute

Cold Cappellini

From summer to autumn (to November), we serve the seasonal menu, which is used in local ingredients abundantly.
The new-creation of Italian Dinner course
Season, Colorfulness, Relish, Enjoyment
(You enjoy the taste that colors in season.)
(Your choice of an Authentic Italian dinner or a New-creation of Italian dinner)

{Κ–‘Šy Shun-Sai- Mi-Raku
An example menu

Balsamic flavor of hot spring boiled egg and fresh tomatoes

Homemade bread

Appetizer assorted plates
*Escabesche style of Yamame
*Carpaccio of Rainbow Trout
*Roast Venison

Cold Cappellini

Daisetsu Plateau Beef saute and seasonal vegetables in melted butter

Today's Dessert


*Rice will be served

One night stay w/ two meals
13,000 yen


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