Sounkyo visitor center
Firsthand information of Daisetsuzan National Park collected during the on season by the guides of Sounkyo Visitor Center

Sounkyo Rope way
HP of Rinyu Sightseeing,provides the further information of Kuro-dake and Sounkyo Ropeway's operation

Official HP of Kamikawa-Cho; Sounkyo-onsen is located in this town.

Iron Chef of Ramen: Ramen Shibayama
This is the HP of a ramen restaurant "Ramen Shibayama" in Kamikawa-Cho. They created the best match soup from pure and tasty water for their ramen noodles. It takes15 minutes from Sounkyo bay car. We highly recommend the ramen restaurant.

Asahikawa Owner-driver Cab
Information of Asahikawa area sightseeing by owner-driver of cabs

Yamaji's Homepage
A popular HP of "Ajikko Ramen" of Canyon Mall in Sounkyo Hot Spring town, not only provide the ramen information, but also the topics of Sounkyo.

Sapporo@ Pension Setsurin
You can count on this pension for sightseeing of Sapporo.You will be fully satisfied with their hospitality. It's close to the Sapporo dome, which is one of the hot spots in Sapporo now. This is a B&B style pension. (bed and breakfast) You can have a wonderful time here.

Souvenir-shop Kon-Chan
This is the souvenir shop Kon-chan's HP, which is one of our sister shops. This HP introduces the information of Kon-chan's and other woodcrafts.

Hakodate Pension Puppy Tail@
Close to Hakodate JR Station, Renewal opened, Choose from beds only or B&B types of stay here.

Tokachi Ikeda-Cho
Pentsion Funbe HOF Okuma
The owner selects the best ingredients for gourmets.
You will be satisfied with the mouth-watering crabs, Tokachi-beef stakes, and melons as well.

Hot spring inn: Syucho no Ie
( Spa House / Chief's House)
Close to the Shiretoko Utoro Port, The seafood dinners are very popular among the tourists.
This inn has easy access to Shiretoko sightseeing.

All Hokkaido
(Kitano yado 30 ninkai / Society of 30 North Inn)
This is a society of pensions, inns, and hotels in Hokkaido which Resort pension YAMANOUE is one of the members. Please check it up!
The various types of pensions, inns, and hotels wait for you to stay. You will be able to get a chance to win a gift of Hokkaido's delicious foods when you stay two or more nights of our members' inns.

All Hokkaido
Hokkaido Yuryo Minsyuku/Ryokan(Japanese style inn) Group (Excellent Inns and Ryokan in Hokkaido)
This is the homepage of a group of 46 inns, pensions and hotels that extend to cover the whole Hokkaido area. When you stay those inns, pensions, and hotels under the certain conditions, you will be able to have some privileges.

Ainu-Kotan Debo's Shop
This is my friend, Debo's woodcraft shop in Ainu village in Akan-lake.

Tabi! Hokkaido
This HP has full of the Information of sightseeing of Hokkaido, such as traffics, airplanes, ferries, buses, trains, hotels, and events, and so on.

Dekkaido! Sightseeing Pavilion
Sightseeing Info (Asahikawa Ramen, Climbing, Photographs) of an owner cab driver in Asahikawa

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