My Hobbies

From the owner who has various hobbies

The owner is a complete angler!
I was born and raised in Sounkyo.
I have been trekking around in mountains of Daisetsuzan,
collecting insects and edible wild plants, and fishing in Sounkyo since I was little.
I became an expert of Sounkyo.
I will take you not only freshwater fishing, but also salmon fishing in autumn.
Please feel free to inquire.

Special order menu of crude white-spotted chars (grown-up in the thaw water of Daisetsuzan, with single-rod fishing) is available upon your request!
You should not miss out the opportunity to eat it here, because it's hard to find in any other places.
White-spotted chars are exquisite side dish with sake.
We have Honezake (Bone-soaked Liquor) of the Rocked-fish: 1 bottle 1,500 yen, 2 bottles 2,500 yen
In the rivers around Sounkyo, there are excellent fishing spots where you do some fishing crude white-spotted Chars (Ezo mountain trout)
and Dolly Varden (Sakhalin mountain trout), and so on.
You can ask me anything about fishing in Sounkyo.
Fishing poles with bait & rods are available for free of charge upon your requests.

Salmon Fishing Begins in Autumn!
I take you to the best salmon fishing spot where I catch more than 100 salmons in a day every year.
You might think that Sounkyo is situated in the mountains. However,
this is a truly unique area which you can go fishing to the Sea of Okhotsk or Sea of Japan in about two hours depends on the weather of the day.
What more, I will reveal my secret how to hook salmons even if nobody can hook them there.
Please inquire if you are interested in.
You will be able to be a fishing master.

Alpine Flower Photograph Gallery

Here are some alpine plants that bloom in the Daisetsuzan National Park.

£Corydalis ambigua

Heath berry£

£Ledum decumbens

Andromeda polifoliaL.£

£Magnolia praecocissima var.borealis

Ornithogalum luteum£

£Menziesia pentandra

Anemone flaccida£

£Platanthera decipiens

Trillium pallasii£

£Heloniopsis orientalis


£Swamp Cabbage

Carthamus tinctorius L. Ichi Dendranthema morifolia Ryu£

The photograph collections of mountains of Daisetsuzan Click Here!

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Resort Pension YAMANOUE

TEL: (+81) 1658-5-3206 (Japanese speakers)
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