Newly-discovered Butterfly Story

From the Japan Butterfly Society Magazine; Issue No.35

Spring Goddess of Uenshiri-dake
Noriyuki Hishikawa, Akitoshi Ariga, and Shigeki Kuraya; Joint Work

A Spring Goddess tops on an Ezo-Caltha palustris var.nipponica

A Spring Goddess tops on a Rhododendron dauricum L.

A new variety of Spring Goddess was discovered in the source part of the foot and the Nayoro river in Uenshiri-dake.

Specimen photograph:

Left Row:

Conventional Type

Right Row:


Collection Place: The riverhead of Okunayoro River, Kamikawa-Cho, Hokkaido
Collection Date: May 6, 2002
Collector: Shigeki Kuratani

As for the characteristic of the spring goddess in the habitat,
their flights are as quick as the Mountain Luehdorfia japonicas .
The other point that we wants to emphasize is that their inside corner crests of under-wings are beautiful orange yellow in short odds.
The feature "beautiful tail" came to be called "Pirica tail."
We wish to express our gratitude to Mr.Yoshikazu Takahashi who told us the story of the phantom -foot-char lived in the primeval forest where mountain spring goddesses flutter.
That given us the chance to review the distribution of spring goddesses in Hokkaido,
when we introduced the new face spring goddess in this HP
We also appreciate Mr.Masaaki Kanzawa's cooperation to make the specimens.

We provide the further information for our gests.

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