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Poplar Admiral / Limenitis populi

Poplar Admiral is one of the protected species in Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures.
In Sounkyo, however, you will be able to collect its chrysalises easily by the pension owner's instruction.

This is a rare chrysalis which is blackened surface type, collected by the owner.

The owner also breeds a lot of chrysalises.

Poplar Admiral, on the bottom-right corner of the above-mentioned photograph, is the female melanism type of Kuroichi the first time collected by the owner in Japan.

(Hokkaido Insect Club Grand Prize Winner)
Collection Area: Ishikari Forest Road Entrance in Yuni-Cho
Date of Collection: 7. 26. '97

How to collect the chrysalises

To find the chrysalises of Poplar Admiral, find the evidence of dining foliage.
The evidence of dining tells us what to do next.
About the half of them become chrysalises on the same branch.
The other half leaves the tree and become chrysalises.

The only way you could collect female Poplar admirals is putting the bait on the
top of the tress to lure them.
You need the apple trap to get the female Poplar Admirals.

We guide our guests to the incest collecting (chrysalis collection of Poplar Admiral,)
somewhere from June 15 to July 10 in every year.
Please join us!
The instruction of the collecting method is free of charge for our guests.
Even if the weather is not good, you will be able to collect them.
They emerge from the chrysalis on 12 days.

For those who want to collect the chrysalis of Poplar Admiral, we provide the apple traps.

Amazing Information of Spring Goddess
From the letterzine of Japan Butterfly Society: Issue No.35, 2003 e.g.
Their faces are deferent from Spring Goddess in Hokkaido.

Newly-discovered Spring Goddess

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